Low Level Laser

The use of light in modern day medicine has become a very effective form of treatment in its own right since the development of the low level laser (LLL) and light emitting diodes (LEDs).

Low level laser or soft laser has nothing to do with the destructive lasers we all know. It is based on simple LEDs of very low wattage. But it has an exact and specifically chosen wavelength while the light is also synchronised, meaning it comes in waves rather than being scattered. This results in it penetrating tissue far deeper than scattered light ever can and it will even penetrate the thinner areas of the skull so it can treat brain cells directly.

Cells profit from these specific wavelengths of light in a wide variety of ways and according to research performed by NASA many different complaints have successfully been treated.

As a result, modern clinics have been set up all over Europe and Canada where a wide variety of afflictions are addressed with these sophisticated light sources.

Because both traditional acupuncture and scenar/cosmodic  already provide such powerful means I use the LLL rarely on its own but regularly in combination when it clearly enhances results.

Though also on its own it can be an effective form of therapy and as such can be used where other options are not appropriate. It is interestingly the form of alternative medicine that has been most extensively researched and is well proven to be effective for many different health problems when used just by itself.

A single laser diode can also be used in acupuncture instead of a needle to influence a point thereby proving its value in many different areas.

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