More information on Low Level Laser

Different wavelengths of light have different kinds of effects on the tissue and the main ones used are red and infra-red. Much research has been done by NASA space agency and they advocate its use.

The use of light becomes even more significant when it is presented in selected frequencies and this is an area that is still extensively researched by complementary researchers as well as some from regular medicine research centres.

It is thought while some frequencies can address bacterial or viral problems, others target specific disease or enhance cell regeneration.

I use both constant low laser lights of different wave lengths as well as ones that have selected programmes of frequencies for different purposes.

It is particularly used for skin problems such as those caused by problematic scar tissue. Its value as part of cosmetic treatment, together with cosmetic acupuncture or cosmetic scenar/cosmodic is beyond doubt. It has a beneficial effect on tissue.


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