Russian Treatment Blanket

This is another Russian story that says this idea all started when Russian cosmonauts noticed that they felt fitter inside their spacesuits than without. It was then soon realised that while the spacesuits are designed to protect against the aggressive radiation from the universe they also reflect back the more subtle electromagnetic radiation that the body itself emits. This realisation resulted in many years of research and development work in the field of bio-resonance therapy.

The TMB is based on the principles of bioenergetics and knowledge of the body’s internal mechanisms of self-regulation. The beneficial action of TMB is based on an electrostatic film PET (compound TMB-01). The blanket is made of polyurethane interwoven with various metals to form a film. This screens the body from external electromagnetic and electrostatic fields and reflects the body’s own electromagnetic radiation in the infrared and extremely high frequency ranges. This effect helps the body to rebalance its own electrical charge and energy and thus enhances its own healing chances.

It can be seen as an electromagnetic form of homeopathy. The reflected radiation gives a very relaxing and soothing warm feeling, which over time can rebalance the body, re-energise it and assist in relieving pain.

The Healing Blanket can be used as a regular stand alone, which is great to assist with chronic conditions. It will over time help to gently restore energy balance and assist the overall sense of well-being. It is a pleasant home treatment that can be used every day. And used in combination with other therapies, especially Scenar therapy the blanket promises to produces even greater effect.