Scenar/Cosmodic Therapy

Scenar is an amazing Russian invention and medical development which started in the 1970’s when it was conceived by Dr Alexander Karasev.

Scenar treatment is fully on a par with acupuncture and can equally assist with most health concerns, but without the use of any needles.

Used correctly it will aim at the root of the problem thus releasing the potential for the body to find the road to healing .

Nothing penetrates the skin but a small electrical current which can hardly be felt. Russian literature shows that it will wake the body up to a problem and re-establish the neurological pathways necessary for healing and recovery. A lot of research has been done in Russia regarding the manner in which the body overcomes problems and tends to heal itself. This manner is called the Adaptive Response.

In the last 10 years the technological ability has been stepped up enormously with a further development called ‘Cosmodic’ (“All encompassing” in Russian).

Dr Karasev says that Cosmodic technology reads the way cells communicate with each other and by responding to this inter-cellular communication it supports cells in their ability to adept to changes.

As Scenar/Cosmodic enhances the overall coherence of body, mind and emotions, it raises our general ability to deal with the stresses and strains of life. It strengthens us in our combat of disease while assisting with specific problems.

The device can also be used to determine where to place it on the body, allowing it to assist with local problems more effectively and also assist with internal disease and mental and emotional problems in equal fashion.

Anyone can receive this treatment, from the smallest baby to the oldest and weakest person. Only those with a pacemaker cannot be fully treated.

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