More Information Scenar/Cosmodic

The scenar/cosmodic development took place in Russia where the support exists to research non-drug based interventions.

After the Russian inventor of the TENS machine, Prof Dr A Karasev was dissatisfied with its very limited beneficial effect he was asked to research more advanced forms of electrical impulse devices as part of the Russian space program.
He developed devices based on years and years of researching the “adaptive response”, which is the way in which the body responds to deal with insult and injury and restores its normal functioning.

Scenar works by activating the body’s nervous system. The small handheld device reads the response in true bio-feedback manner and then starts a two way dialogue which steers the body towards proper healing. It works in proper bio-feedback fashion.

Russian research shows it then activates all systems of general regulation which means in practice it activates all of the body and we seems to observe that it also works along mechanisms which traditional acupuncture recognized thousands of years ago.

 Cosmodic is, in the main, better at assisting with emotional issues and neurological disease or other deep-seated disturbances. It works in a more refined manner. After analysing the body’s reactions on 46 components rather than the 2 or 3 that scenar uses, a very sophisticated dialogue unfolds.

Through the use of bio-resonance, or micro-electrical currents of specific frequencies, it enhances, steers and ‘feeds’ our healing potential in a very direct manner.

But basic scenar is no mean form of treatment as it has shown the ability to wake up stem cells.