Traditional Acupuncture

Traditional acupuncture can assist with most health concerns and has been used to treat people for many thousands of years.

It doesn’t matter whether you want help with a minor or with a more severe pain, whether you have a health concern already diagnosed by your doctor or whether you have more general concerns you find hard to pinpoint or difficult to describe but that may nevertheless worry you.

That is because a traditional acupuncturist wants to find and treat the root of a problem as expressed in their own terms, rather than just address the symptoms.

In order to be able to achieve this you are given all the time you need to discuss your concerns, ask any question and kindly answer some questions that we may have. You are encouraged to tell us how you feel in your own words, what the sensations and feelings are that you are experiencing and what you feel is happening to you.

We use the finest needles possible, their thickness the width of a hair, and most of the time you will not notice the insertion at all.

Coming from a very traditional schools we also use fewer needles rather than more while needles are mainly inserted between elbows and fingertips or between the knees and tips of your toes, often only on one side.

On a few occasions may a needle be inserted in another position but don’t expect the needle to be necessarily placed near the site of a pain or the place where you feel the problem is.

The workings of the body are complex and the internal harmony needs to be addressed in its totality to effect an improvement that will last as long as possible.

The art is in simplicity and often less is more.

And of course, only disposable needles are used

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