More about Traditional Acupuncture

What is so exciting about traditional acupuncture is that it does not look at symptoms in isolation. It provides the understanding to place these symptoms in the context of the overall make-up. The total person, both in body, mind and emotions.

Body, mind and emotions always interact, one influencing the other constantly. A problem does not have to be labelled as ‘psychosomatic’ to be viewed in the context of our mental and emotional background.

It has been shown for example that certain emotions can influence our immune system and our ability to heal so it is obvious common sense that a worrying and overactive mind does not help recovery.

It has also been shown physical changes, however unobtrusive in their own right, can strongly influence our mental ability thus provoking feelings and emotions which interfere with our capacity to lead a happy life.

Through understanding this interaction, a carefully considered treatment aims to address the overall internal coherence, thus enhancing the chance to overcome symptoms and gaining a sense of well-being which then allows us to deal better with what life throws at us.

This does not mean that more treatments are necessary but rather fewer treatments.

Recommended literature:

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